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Hello Beautiful, I'm Lorelei

Specializing in Brunettes, Blondes, Cuts & Easy everyday styles! 

I'm so glad that you are here! I have always loved doing hair and making everyone feel like the best versions of themselves, gorgeous hair is meant for everyone to have and it is something I truly strive to give each guest that sits in my chair. Whether it’s just for the time you're with me for our appointment together, or for a special occasion, you will look just as beautiful as you feel.


“My favorite thing about being a stylist is, being able to give everyone achievable everyday hair, that not only looks good when you leave the salon, but something you can do your self everyday of the week. Feeling beautiful shouldn’t just be when you are at the salon and walk out the doors for that one day, but everyday!”


Gorgeous hair is achievable! Some mornings are be hectic, our hair should not add to that stress. When you sit in my chair, together we can make it so you’ll be confident in achieving the style you want for gorgeous hair every day!

It wasn’t until the 8th grade at I found out cutting hair had a technical name which was a cosmetologist. The first beauty school, that I visited, from the moment walking thru their doors, I knew I was where I was supposed to be. Meeting new clients and having the opportunity to have meaningful, fun and powerful connections with women day after day, is life a long dream that has become my reality!


Girls run the world!! Or at least mine! Being a mom to two little girls is something so magical and I try to enjoy every minute. To recharge when not at the salon I love visiting my favorite spots in the white Mountains , searching the Beach for shells, or even trying my hand at gardening. 


Easy, beautiful, and manageable hair is something I have always loved having myself. Having a good amount of hair myself and with a texture that changed since having my second child, being able to create easy everyday hair became a staple that I realized other women wanted too. Its nice to choose when we want to spend the extra time on our hair rather then we always have to, and I'd love the opportunity to discuss how I can help you achieve your beautiful look!
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