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Bridal Parties

Wedding season is a favorite! Being apart of getting a bride ready for her big day is magical! This needs extra time and attention to detail to make sure that all the needs are met for the day of. Bridal pricing is discussed at the Bridal Trial. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I wash my hair the day of?


No, I prefer to have a days worn hair, (if wedding is Saturday, wash on Friday). This helps to ensure that not only will the style last but the natural hair oils will also help maintain the fly away or frizz that could occur.

When should I schedule my color service appointment (if needed)?

A color service is best about two week out from the big day! This allows for any corrections to be made if need, but also allows for some regrowth for a softer coloring effect.

Can we add extra people the list?

Adding extra people can get a little tricky and stressful. It’s best to plan for everyone to get a service, if and only if they decide to not get the desired service completed may we add someone. This is at full discretion of the stylist.

What should I bring for the trial?

Bring anything that you may be wearing that day, a veil, or accessories. Also photos are a great way to communicate how you want to look for the day of. These details will ensure that you get exactly the look that you want. 

Are you able to travel to me?

YES!!! I can accommodate you and your wedding party at either The Lost Siren Hair Studio, or I can come to where you are. My goal is to make your day as easy for you as possible. There is a base travel fee of $75, this is non-negotiable or refundable as this fee also secures the booking of the bridal stylist.

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